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WorkSpaces is a community for corporate real estate and workplace innovators.

Our Experiences

We produce the following experiences to provide the CRE community with year-round access to cutting-edge content and networking:

WorkSpaces Live

Our Signature In-Person Event. Content, Strategic Sourcing & Networking. Back in Fall 2021.

Office Hours

An interactive exploration of what’s to come from different industry perspectives.

MasterMind Series

Carefully Curated Virtual Roundtables for Candid Sharing of Ideas & Best Practices.

Cutting-Edge Content.

Strategic Sourcing.


The WorkSpaces Blog

  • In an Age of Remote Work, There’s Still Space for Physical Workplaces

    Employees bustling between meetings, collaborative brainstorming sessions, or simply socializing in the break room: that’s what many of us might picture when thinking of a traditional workplace. Yet, that's no longer the case in the current pandemic. Instead, workers are hunkered down at home, interacting with co-workers through the camera…

    IWBI's Mission to Build Better People, Not Just Better Buildings

    Going to work is no longer about sitting at a desk and earning a paycheck. More people entering the workforce today look for opportunities to not only make a difference in the world but also knuckle down on work that enriches their own lives and wellbeing. So it makes sense…

    Talkin' Bout Our Generations: Gen X,Y and Z in the Workplace

    "I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today." The Greek poet Hesiod said that sometime in the 8th century BC, but it could just as easily been said by any member of any upper management team in this…

What WorkSpaces Live looks like

After a lil hiatus… we’re coming back better + stronger in the Fall of 2021!​! 💪


“The structure of the event was great, with time allocated to live speakers and dedicated time with suppliers/partners.”

–Director, Global Real Estate & Finance Operations, Airbnb

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WorkSpaces is a collaborative community for corporate real estate and workplace leaders.